Tune The Mind To The Learning And Positive Channels

Yesterday I was taking one of the treatment clients out for a walk because he had indicated that he was ready to leave our program. We listen to what our clients are saying because sometimes they have gotten what they feel they need to get their life back on track. Change is such an internal process. Often times however clients feels ready to go and later they come back because there is still further learning that needs to take place.

This sounds like life doesn’t it. We keep trying to make sense out of things and sometimes we seek help. Other times we keep going even when we fail because we are determined. The important thing is that we learn from life’s experiences otherwise we are bound to keep getting the same lessons. The biggest lessons come very clearly if we are open to what the universe is trying to help us understand. Too often however we don’t get what we are suppose to understand because we are too caught up in our thoughts and closed to seeing other perspectives. This close mindedness is something that never works to anyone’s advantage.

People who are very unhappy tend to have serious close mindedness going on. People who don’t enjoy life tend to be focused on what is wrong. People who are sure they know what is right and everyone else is wrong are not questioning the workings of their own mind. An unquestioned mind is like a parachute that does not open. You hit the ground hard and painfully when your mind is closed.

The workings of the mind are really quite simple. If you feed the mind full of negativity, complaining, and fear (nightly news), your life will be unhappy and most will not want to spend time around you. If you nurture your mind on optimism, hopefulness, appreciation and kindness, your life will be a joy to you and all you share your life with. People will want to know you because it will feel good to around the energy of your thoughts. You are the programmer of your mind so isn’t it time to be clear what your thoughts are and how they affect you?

Side note: Last night’s golf was fun playing in our summer league even though I was off my game. Playing golf is always fun for me even if I my shots are erratic. Then I got home to catch the end of the NBA game and it was fun too. The after game show with Charles, Kenny, Ernie and Reggie is almost as fun as the game for a basketball fan like me. Professional athletes make way too much money but on nights like this I almost think they are worth their wages in entertainment value.

Have a good Wednesday and keep the mind tuned to the positive channel.