Summer Is For Breaking Patterns

Tomorrow will be my last blog for a week. My wife and I am going to Carmel Valley to stay at a friend’s while he is in England. I have stayed there a number of times but this time will be longer and we get to play tourist and enjoy the sights and activities of Carmel and Monterey. I feel a bit uncomfortable taking off this amount of time from my blog since for over 2 years I have been almost daily except for a few vacation days here and there.

Because I do a daily blog, that is my creative outlet, my opportunity to express myself and I look forward to it almost every day. Some days I get to writing when I am tired and my enthusiasm takes a little longer to fire up. However most days, writing this blog is an activity I really look forward to doing. Not doing it means I will probably have a notebook and write ideas for upcoming blogs.

This breaking of a pattern is really a positive thing to do. My workouts will also change emphasizing more recovery time and stretching. I will also read more for pleasure and to plant new seeds for my creative mind. These pattern shifts will allow me to access ideas and consciousness I would miss out on if I am too grooved into my daily routines. Habits usually create blind spots and numbness so this shaking up of my daily schedule will cause shifting on a number of levels.

Summers are great time to break away from the ordinary, from what is too familiar. This vacation is needed and wanted and will be a time to reenergize and renew. I look forward to walking on the beach very relaxed and not trying to get something done. The goal is to have fun, play around, rest and nap often and enjoy a fun place to explore. I get to play tourist guide for my wife and that is always enjoyable.

What routines are you going to break from this summer? What do you feel in your life needs a good stirring up? If I get some time in the next day or two I may make a couple of recommendations for reading or to stir you up.

One more blog tomorrow and then I will be gone. I hope your next week is a great one and that we both arrive at even more conscious place in a week.