Rationalization or Consciousness?

Lately I have been unsettled at time because I feel there is so much to do and so many obstacle in the way of bringing about real change. The raising of consciousness in all of us humans has never been more important. For much of human history, we have allowed ourselves and others to rationalize what is not acceptable to our values, to our knowing heart, and to the soul within us. This must come to an end now if we are to turn our nation and the world in the right direction.

First I want to share some about the mess our rationalizing minds have gotten us into:
• Every human war has been OK’d by rationalizing minds who have lost touch with their hearts and their souls. This includes the mess in Iraq and Afghanistan
• A world run for the main purpose of making profits is a heartless and soulless world.
• Health care provided by profit making companies that deny health care to those most in need is heartless and soulless.
• The beating, torture, rape and murders by those who claim a higher moral authority is the ultimate in absurdity and without any soul or heart.
• The radical religious groups that bomb, injure and kill those who think and believe differently again shows a completely closed heart and no contact at all with any true God.
• Those that spread intolerance and hate do so rationalizing what they say and obviously are without compassion and or any true higher moral values.
• The pursuit of power at all costs has filled our history books and all of this has been the work of rationalizing minds again completely out of touch with their hearts and their souls.
• Acts of terrorism are rationalized without hearts engaged and no true sense of soul.

All these human messes of the mind happen because people go along with the rationalizing minds of others. This is the biggest of all mistakes. Critical thinking has been abandoned too often, because people lack the courage to take a stand, they want to fit in, they don’t want to take the time to figure our their own truths, they are manipulated by fear, or whatever happens to shut the heart down and to loose touch with the guiding soul within each of us.

Next I want to share what needs to happen to change the rationalizing mind from running the world:
• We all need to stop being run by our thoughts. Our thoughts are just words in our heads and only as real as we think they are. Mindfulness and awareness is needed here not rationalization.
• We have to feel our feelings, find our heart, and be compassionate to ourselves and to all other living beings. Anything less is the work of rationalization and a blocked heart.
• We need to find our soul, the spiritual force within each of us. Spirit and soul are inner domains and have nothing to do with the doctrine or dogma of religions.
• We need to take the money influence out all elections and all three branches of government. Our laws these days are set up for those with the most influence and power not for the good of the people.
• We need to find the quiet stillness inside as a way to move from the mind to heart and spiritual based world. Yes to inner wisdom and intuition.
• We need to sort out our own highest values and truths so we can live by them rather than be directed by some else’s belief system.
• We need to move from fear in our mind to compassion and hope which both reside in our heart.
• We need to keep our minds and hearts open at all times to be totally free. Closing down and contracting does not work for creating freedom.
• We do best when we are guiding by our purpose and live with the passion and energy to make a real difference in the world.

Please feel free to question or add to any of these ideas and be open to what is possible in you, which will naturally benefit all humanity.

Peace and Consciousness in this moment for all.