Father’s Day, Peaceful Warrior, and The Light of Insight

It is Father’s Day and I am grateful to my father for who he is and for his kindness. He feels compassion for those who suffer and has given countless hours to the hospital foundation in the community I grew up in. He is an active member of his church and has a deep respect for those who have chosen to live a religious life (priests and nuns).

We have for much of my adult life held very different views of the world and that has at times made him upset with me, which was never my intention. I remember him saying to his friends that he sent me off to college and I came back a “Damn Liberal.” I speak up and question what is; he tends to hold his beliefs very strongly. I respect his unwavering devotion to what is true for him. Later I will give him a call to wish him Happy Father’s Day. He does not read my blog because he knows it will make him upset.

Now if I could choose (not that I would) a more perfect model for a dad, I would have chosen the character Nick Nolte plays in the movie, the Way of the Peaceful Warrior. He is more of an enlightened mentor and spiritual teacher. If you haven’t seen that movie yet put in on you list at Netflix or Blockbuster or even better at your local video store. The lessons about life in this film are exceptional and I feel inspired when I watch it. I was thinking I needed to get my own copy of it so I can share it with my clients at the treatment center.

Last week in one of my treatment groups, one of the clients gave me a wonderful insight. We were talking about the power of being able to visualize the life we want to create. I was sharing this image of a retreat center where I could inspire others to more fully realize their potential to love, be joyous, express their purpose, and experience the full freedom to be. He said, “You have already created that here. You are helping us do that.” The light of insight went on instantly inside and I knew he was right. I immediately went over to him and shook his hand and thanked him for expanding my awareness. This “retreat” center is sponsored by the county and I don’t have the managerial or financial responsibility to keep in going, which means I am totally free to be of assistance to those who are here seeking help. Life is good.

Happy Father’s Day Dad, peace, joy and lots of love to you.