Stress Is Internal

Stress is caused not by what is going on around us but instead by how we respond to the circumstances of our life. This response comes in the form of self-talk or thoughts. These inner words and ideas can be contracting or expansive, closed or open, negative or positive, fearful or hopeful. The world outside of us only has as much power over us as we give it. Here are examples of ways our minds work that will either help us or limit us when it comes to dealing with the challenges of living.

From the fearful and negative perspective:
• If we think we are in a mess, we will feel like we are.
• If we think it is the fault of others, we will feel powerless to bring about the needed changes
• If we talk to ourselves as if we are of little worth, our sense of self will be negative.
• If we think we can’t do it, we are right
• If we are not open to other viewpoints we will remain stuck in what isn’t working
• If we think the world is a fearful place, we will feel afraid
• If we don’t trust others, we will never feel safe
• If we have no compassion for others, the world will seem like it doesn’t care for us
• If we stuff our feelings, we will feel cold and distant
• If we focus on what is wrong, we will never see anything going right or working out for the best

From the hopeful and positive perspective:
• If we trust that things will work out, they do
• If we believe in ourselves, we are free to do everything successfully
• If we care for others and have compassion, we will have lots of love in our life
• If we are positive about the situations we are in, we will create positive results
• If we think we can do it, we will prove ourselves right
• If we are open and always learning, life will present many helpful lessons
• If we encourage and support others in what they do, we will find people get behind us when we need it
• If we are comfortable with silence, the stillness inside will become a teacher of wisdom
• If we express our feelings, we will feel alive and connected to those around us
• If we focus on what we can do to bring about positive change, we will find the solutions we are looking for

Please gently, kindly and supportively attend to your mind. Make sure it is an ally not an enemy

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