Points Of View Are Often Not True

A couple of reports caught my eye yesterday and I had to laugh because they make such a mockery out of what people claim to be the truth.

Yesterday I saw report that the Bush administration was planning to attach Iraq no matter what the weapons inspectors found. This Iraq War mess was a lie from the start. Is that ok with you? Check this site out:

Another report says the Saudi Royal family is extensively involved in financing Al-Qaeda. The same royal family who says they are allies of the United States particularly the Bush Family.
Check this site out: http://blog.buzzflash.com/node/8814

How about the disappearing act of Governor Sanford who was trying to keep the people of his state from receiving stimulus money because of his self-righteousness, while he was having an affair with a woman in Argentina. There are plenty of references for this story. Just go to almost any news website.

The world of politics is very dishonest, driven by ideologies that don’t make sense, and filled full of the misuse of money to gain power. Who needs Reality TV when you can just surf the web to keep up with all the hypocrisy?

Political commentary is almost as fun if you like ridiculous points of view. The saddest thing is that many people watch Fox News and listen to the radio talk shows and actual think they are staying informed. These radio talk shows jam the airways across this country with misinformation, anger and hate for people who don’t share their point of view or beliefs.

It is best to remember our points of view are simply points of view and not at all related to the truth at times. By the way, if anyone says they have the truth that you should believe, I encourage you to run the other direction as fast as you can. No one else can tell you what your truths should be. That is an inner journey that does not have shortcuts. If you give up the search for what is right for you than you have to rely on others who might not even live by the values they preach or claim to hold.

Find your own way and stop taking on peoples’ points of view until you have explored them and made up your own mind. Life is too short to be living it from some else’s perspective. Question, tune in, listen to your heart and let the real wisdom inside be the guide.

One more reference about insurance companies doing everything they can to not pay the coverage due to the person who is suppose to be covered. This is just plain wrong. Check this out: