Revolution Of The Heart

Yesterday while driving to my evening group I was listening to a song called, Talkin’ Bout A Revolution and suddenly I had today’s title for my blog.

There seems to be a lot of change going on these days. Can you feel the energy of change in the air? The question is will it be real or cosmetic change. It seems that is up to you and I. The politicians are only willing to talk change and take superficial action. They don’t seem to want to offend their contributors, which is understandable except when the consideration for what is best for the people is left out.

If you are like me and many others, we want real change, change that matters, change for the better for all of us. Our government is not working for the people, our financial system is a mess, our school system is inferior, our health care a disaster, our human service/justice system is badly in need of reform. Yes change that makes a difference is needed.

The change that needs to happen is in the heart. The heart is the place where our truth resides, where our compassion is generated, where our soul is thought to guide us, and where the light of consciousness grows. The heart is the fountain of intuition and inner wisdom. A healthy well-functioning heart is filled with compassion, caring, kindness and the capacity to love all beings. These are the forces needed to bring about real substantial change. Isn’t it time for all of us to fully express our heart’s potential?

This is what we could call a Revolution of the Heart; changing the world with compassion, kindness and the highest knowing within us. A revolution of the heart is about you and I expressing our potential as human beings who care about each other and understand what is needed to make our nation great again. Greatness comes from our heart’s capacity to be courageous, caring for each other, and understanding about what is for the good of all.

Today and for the rest of the summer listen inward to your knowing heart and follow your guidance toward the further revolution of your own heart. As we each blossom in our heart the world expands it’s capacity to love and care for all.