The Revolution of the Heart, Part 2 - Realizing The Heart’s Potential

This journey of the heart is known by various degrees of awareness in every one of us. As I have experienced life both my own and those I have worked with, my compassion has grown. My heart is more open now because of my caring service to others and my caring ways with myself. As I have developed my understanding of human nature, I have deepened my compassion for the struggles of life. It now seems to me that to be an awakened human being means learning and growing from the lessons of the heart.

Loving is such and expansive and enjoyable feeling. When you and I are in love that seems to be our most natural state. The more we open, the more our heart’s potential is realized. The following will be helpful on your journey to open and expand your heart:

• Take a few minutes to breath and become aware of your heart. Feel the heart full of love open and flowing through you and out into the world
• When in the company of yourself let your heart feel warm and fill you with the loving kindness
• Stand in front of a mirror and look into your own eyes and share that you love you
• Remember the more you are able to let you love yourself, the more you open to loving others
• Practice being kind to yourself and others every day
• Care for a dog or cat or other pets and feel how that opens your heart
• Enter a room full of people, turn on a big smile and spread love to each person
• There never has been found a limit our capacity to love. You can love everyone and still have more in your heart to give
• Loving people who think, feel and believe differently that you do feels good too
• Imagine your image of God, Spirit, Higher Power, Source filling you with their love. Feels good doesn’t it?
• Think of inspirational people you know of or have read about who are living or have lived a life of compassion and caring action
• Think of love as creative expression and explore new and fun ways to spread love
• Bake some chocolate chip cookies and share them with your neighbors as a loving gesture
• Love and joy are wonderful feelings, imagine spreading love and joy everywhere you go each day
• Take time each day to appreciate the love your received and the love you shared
• See your heart as sacred and take care of it by keeping fit, eating healthy, playing often, and relaxing
• Quiet yourself down enough to hear the heart’s needs
• Let all those you love know you love them often
• Lighten up, take any burdens in your heart and forgive, let go and move on
• Open yourself to the many blessing from the heart that come from giving and receiving
• Nurture your heart in nature. Sit against a tree or along a stream or the ocean and let your heart vibrate with the rhythms of nature
• Let your heart be open to appreciate the beauty all around you. There is so much beauty in human creations, nature and the eyes of those you interact with
• Enjoy the precious moments of heart connection with your intimate partner
• Let your heart guide you to a purposeful and meaningful life in the service of others
• Make your life about the heart’s path of love, joy, bliss, fun and kindness

Please give these heart-opening ideas a try and let me know how it goes. It will be lots of fun and feel wonderful.