The Revolution of the Heart, Part 3 – The Heart as a Social Activist/Artist

Take a few minutes to imagine the power of our evolved hearts working together for the betterment of humanity and the planet. What do you see, what are the possibilities?

Now let’s look at what can be if each of us realizes our potential to be compassionate and caring human beings and see if the following seems possible to you:

• We learn to work together and offset the predominance of the profit making corporate culture. People are what matter first and corporations are restructured to be of service to humanity.
• We take care of the planet as if it was our home, which it is. We clean up the water and air as if they are essential to life, which they are.
• We learn to appreciate all diversity as if it is a gift to humanity. Our minds are opened by our hearts so all expansive ideas are valued and the past is seen as a teacher to help show us what works and what does not.
• We tap more fully into human creativity and release phenomenal creative expression and innovation that sets us all free in the areas of energy, health care for all, financial resources for everyone for their entire life span.
• We end all wars and eliminate all weapons of mass destruction. The heart now rules over the ego that for centuries has been the downfall of humanity.
• We create the resources to end all hunger and homelessness while providing the mental health services to improve the well-being of all who have suffered in their past.
• We eliminate all boundary battles as the collective understanding of all humans has transformed into being citizens of planet Earth with nationalistic ideas fading away.
• We change the idea of work to doing what has purpose and meaning for up to 10 hours per week and the rest of the week is for exploring, learning, creating and enjoying life.
• We move away from mega churches and religious dogma to a more spiritual experience of quiet contemplation, reading sacred books and honoring the wisdom of our inner knowing and what nature has to teach us.
• We now understand that the desire to learn and grow is who we are. We also appreciate that life is about love, joy, peace and freedom and that guides us.

Does this seem possible in your lifetime? It seems possible in mine and I may only have 20-30 years left. I fully and completely believe and trust in human nature if we are all guided by the wisdom of our hearts. Have a good week and let you heart fully awaken and begin to spread its light.