Heart of the Mother Divine

My three part series titled the Revolution of the Heart came to me in a few moments of inspiration and then it seemed to flow from there. Inspiration like that is such blessing and I am deeply appreciative of whatever source seems to keep flowing through my fingers onto this page. The energy of some force greater than me is constantly flowing if I remain open. That force is in you too. Lately I seem to sense the energy is what I would call the Divine Mother. For many years I have been drawn to a higher energy that is nurturing and encouraging which feels like the heart aspect of the Divine Source.

There are have been a number of spiritual driven individuals who have been acknowledged as representing the Divine Mother energy here on the planet in our lifetime. Amma, Mother Meera and others travel about the planet sharing their energy so that we might all more fully open our hearts. We who understand the importance of our hearts are like the brothers and sisters to these Spiritual Mothers.

This seems somewhat uneasy to write about for me because our relationship with Spirit in whatever form it takes is so individually unique. How I see this or experience this spiritually is my own and to write about seems like I have left the front door open to something that feels private. I am willing to share however because I completely trust in the power of the heart and the spirit that guides me and I sense you do too or you wouldn’t be here reading this.

So instead of exploring this further in this blog, I want to encourage you to find your own path, your own way, your sense of a Higher Power that fits for you. The idea that others believe they can tell you what your spiritual life should be like seems absurd to me. Go in search of your own way and let yourself be guided to your highest and most brilliant manifestation of the spirit that resides in you, the one you personally relate to in your own unique and wonderful ways.

Have a inspired week guided by the inner forces that can show you the life your desire.