Change Is In The Air And You Are Needed

There seems to be a lot of vested interested in keeping things the same Washington DC. No one there likes change because it is going so well for those in Congress who have great health insurance, lots of money from corporations to pay for their re-election, prestige, power, and high paying lobbying jobs when they retire. They don't know the struggle of the average citizen. They are not going bankrupt over medical bills. They are not losing their homes. They are not losing their retirement benefits because their company is collapsing under highly paid bad management. They are not losing jobs or losing their children fighting is unnecessary wars.

What do those in Congress know about the plight of the ordinary citizens? What they know is what we tell them. If we don't speak up they listen to those with money and influence because that is the way the system works. It cost so much to be re-elected that money buys power and influence. That is why the people's voice has to be strong, powerful, with no quit and never quiet. If we let them do government as is, it will continue to be government for the rich and powerful not for what is good for the majority of people. Influence is influence; it is just a matter of whose influence is the strongest.

Change can be about people moving together towards what is right for the good of all. This seems like such simple formula. Does this work to benefit everyone or just those special interest groups that use money to get what they want? Most of the bailout has been for the benefit of those who are already wealthy. There has been little benefit to the people who work hard everyday. Are the CEO's suffering through these tough times; most likely not? Are the ordinary working people suffering; you bet?

Money and influence are powerful forces and can be used for much good but are often instead used for the accumulation of more money and influence. Power is like a drug that feels so good it keeps being accumulated even if it destroys the health of the country. Those in power always seem to benefit even in really down times.

The time has come for all to have a life where everyone is better off, not just a few. The time has come for health care for everyone. The time has come to take care of the planet even if profits suffer some. The time has come for every person in this nation to get the education they need to succeed, affordable housing and all the healthy food they need. The time has come to clean up government by taking money out of the equation. The time has come to have real equal opportunity for all, equal justice, equal representation, equal chances for prosperity and most of all equal freedom.

Today is a day to speak up for what is right and just and so will tomorrow be a day to do the same.

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