Let’s Get Real

Last night was Golf league and I always have fun. Then we stopped for Mexican food and now I am sitting here with a full stomach and tired legs from chasing a white ball around for over 2 1/2 hours. I was getting my news fix on the Web. These are some things I wanted to comment on.

I am saddened by the death of Michael Jackson. He was a tortured soul who inspired us by his music and movement. He seemed so confused at times about who he was and how to live life in happiness. I have one of his songs (Billy Jean) on my Apple Shuffle and it always makes me want to get up and move. I hope he has found peace of mind and a happy heart.

Finally Norm Coleman stepped down after Al Franken won the senate seat in Minnesota. Coleman has been a very poor looser and it kept his state from being fully represented in Congress. Senator Franken is a bright mind with a great sense of humor. Both seem to have been in short supply in Washington DC.

I just read of a Baptist Church in Toledo, OH that says the Bible and Jesus Christ support them in arming themselves with deadly weapons. You have to wonder what kind of mind twisted these sacred writings into such a self-serving and obnoxious bunch of b.s. This argument is ridiculous and the workings of people who live in fear and out of touch with the lessons of love and compassion central to the teachings of Jesus.

Lastly, Governor Sanford further lies and deceptions from someone who claims to be a religious person seems like the workings of an ego-driven mind. This person used his religion to get votes and from all appearances lacks any true religious values. How many does it take of these so-called religious politicians for us to understand that these phony pious talkers are not to be trusted? Isn’t it crystal clear that if you parade about claiming certain beliefs and values then you probably are all talk and no substance.

Genuineness is what we all want in those we interact with and those who represent us in Congress. People who just say what they think people want to hear lack any genuineness and really can’t be trusted. Isn’t it time we raise the bar on our expectations of our elected official and those claiming a higher moral compass?