8 Ways of The Mind And Heart To Be Successful

Yesterday I wrote about the challenge of making changes in our lives. Breaking old habits and addictions take focus and effort. This focus and effort can’t be just mere determination. That rarely works because that is just the ego-mind trying to prove itself. That’s not to say determination is not ok, as a matter of fact sometimes determination pushes us forward over difficult bumps in the road.

Let me instead suggest that here are eight more effective mental and emotional states for creating the life you desire:

1. Intention is a powerful force. If your intention is clear, then the universe will line up in support to make it happen.
2. Effortless effort is the way to go. Instead of working so hard to try and make something happen, try working as if you are flowing downstream with the current of positive outcomes.
3. Be kind to yourself along the way. Beating yourself up never works. Instead be supportive and encouraging towards what you are doing, learning and accomplishing.
4. Have an open heart to all the possibilities and people who may come your way to help you. You don’t have to do it alone. The more supportive energy, innovative ideas and purposeful actions, the more your chances for success.
5. Make sure it feels right. If you go with your emotional feedback system, your experience will turn out be positive and fun. If you ignore your emotions, you will wonder what went wrong.
6. Go for being your best. It is easy to settle for ok but not near as enjoyable. Be willing to take the risks necessary to push you towards the highest expression of your potential.
7. Keep your mind on positive cruise control. It never works to go negative and critical. It always works to be optimistic and hopeful which can transform even the most difficult situations into something you will be grateful for.
8. Set your sights on having fun and experiencing freedom. The more fun you have the more fun you will manifest. Real fun is creating the freedom necessary to live just the life you want.

Have a good TGIF and remember to let your Congressional representatives know you want healthcare that is totally reasonable like the rest of the developed countries have. A public option is essential to offset the profit driven private insurance industry. Just a quick email, fax or phone call can make a real difference.