Please President Obama Don’t Fold to the Insurance Industry

This blog is to our president who I think is doing a great job within the amazing gridlock of Washington where those with money don’t want to change a thing. It is great when the rich get richer on the back of the people as far as they are concerned. This new president has to fight against all the money influence to make any real change and he is doing what he can against great odds

Please President Obama don’t give into the false promises of the insurance industry that is trying to keep things just as they are. As is often the case I watched Bill Moyer’s Show on PBS last night. It was about healthcare and the need for a public option. Please take the time to watch this show if you have any interest in healthcare. Wendall Potter a former VP for Cigna was on and the show was again very clear about the problems with our present for profit system.

Did you know the insurance industry is spending $1.4 million dollars per day to influence the outcome of the discussion about healthcare and a public option? Do you think they are doing that because they want more profits or because they care about providing the best service to all their clients? This campaign is fear based and about misinformation and frankly blatant dishonesty.

Did you know that Max Baucus the Democratic Senator in charge of the committee to steer us through the healthcare debate is an insurance insider? His past two chiefs of staff work for the insurance industry. That means they have direct access to influencing him. He get lots of insurance lobbying funds for his campaigns. He is bought out and should excuse himself from running this committee. He lacks impartiality and is instead a pond for corporate interests.

Did you know that the real guiding force for our health insurance industry is Wall Street? You know how well they run things and how well they look out for the needs of the people. What matters only are profits not quality of care for everyone.

If you aren’t stirred up enough yet please watch Sicko by Michael Moore available at your local video store or Netflix or Blockbuster. The insurance industry did as much as they could to blackball this film and they did it because it spoke the truth. This film will further stir you passion for reform.

Again you comments to your elected officials are the only hope we have against corporate domination. Please do not miss the end of the Bill Moyer Show because his impassioned speech is about what is good for you and I.

By the way did you see that AIG wants to give more bonuses to it’s management team that we had to bail out? Is this insane of what?