The Sacred Treasure Within

It is Sunday I want to keep this brief. I just got back from a long run and I am ready for a nap. This past month I have come upon some really interesting books and I have 4 of them going at once. They all have some spiritual theme going on: one is about Zen and surfing; another about the Divine Mother; another about music as a spiritual path; and there is one about an American who goes to India and finds himself learning the deep wisdom and powers of the ancient Hindu/Yoga traditions. Reading sometimes is such a wonderful way to explore new ideas and find great inspiration.

The following quote is from the book about the American who ends up in a very esoteric tradition in India:

“Perhaps the great cause was the path of the hero itself? He who remember who he is, no longer bound by ideas of past or future, the witness who finds the sacred treasure within himself (herself), brings it back to his/her tribe and in so doing so saves the world again and again?”

This quote spread good bumps across my arms, rang loudly in my heart and vibrated with the spirit within me. I will write more about this and these books I am reading in the weeks to come.

Please be joyous, loving and peaceful this day.