The Sotomayor Hearings and The Self-Righteous

There are the hearings going on for Judge Sotomayor in Washington, DC. Why do the people with their religious beliefs have a right to try and influence the Supreme Court? Their beliefs are just their beliefs no more right than those who believe differently. Why do our elected official act as if they represent religious beliefs? Were they elected as spokespersons of these religions or were they elected to represent all citizens of their constituency? How come someone who is an elected official is trying to enforce his or her beliefs on the citizenry of the United States? Isn’t there something called the separation of the church and state that is a guiding principle of our democracy? Why is that ignored by the religious righteous? These are just a few of my questions about the hearings.

The Supreme Court is dominated by a conservative religious point of view now and that seems wrong because shouldn’t it be impartial and free of politics? Maybe that sounds idealistic, is it, or is that the way it should be? How can justice exist if judges are deciding based on beliefs that we don’t all agree on? These beliefs (biases) are just thoughts in their heads and yet they will make major decisions that will affect everyone in this country. That doesn’t sound like justice for all but only justice for those that believe the same as they do.

On a lighter note, I appreciate Senator Al Franken already putting a little humor in the midst of the self-importance of those who try to force their beliefs on the whole country. He asked Judge Sotomayor if she could name the one case that the famous TV lawyer Perry Mason lost. She could not and he said didn’t the Obama administration coach her on such answers?

The exaggerated righteous of the holy-than-thou attitude of too many in Congress is almost too much to stomach especially in the light of the ongoing embarrassment of those that claim one set of values and than get caught living in direct contradiction. Does it seem that those who spout most vigorously of their beliefs tend to end up in conflict with them?

We all live in some conflict but then we all don’t go out and proclaim our beliefs and expect everyone to believe and act according to our values. Most of us live as best as we can with a constantly evolving sense of values that happens naturally in maturing human beings. Values/beliefs are not static; they change and evolve with insight and life experience. If our beliefs don’t reflect our expanding awareness than they most likely are products of closed minds.