Take Back Control Of Your Mind

One of the most profound teachers on the planet today is Eckhart Tolle. His book, The Power Of Now, should be required reading by every human being who cares at all about their peace of mind and wants to help make the world a better place. In this book he states that most of us live with a tormentor in our head that continually beats us up. That tormentor is our thoughts. We live in almost constant chaos because of our thoughts.

His teachings in this book contain valuable information about how we can free ourselves from our thoughts. We can be freed from the tyranny of the mind by watching our inner dialogue/self-talk. This observing is very liberating if we can do it impartially (without judging ourselves). There is a part of who we are that is beyond the ego and personality; this part is the objective observer. This watcher can set us free if we learn to go beyond the mind.

Tolle says that when the watcher of thoughts is activated, a new dimension of consciousness resides in us. This new dimension can assist us ending compulsive thinking and the myriad of problems associated with an out of control mind.

A break from the dominance of chaotic thoughts is possible if we practice watching our inner dialogue. It we watch the mind will begin to develop gaps in the endless parade of thoughts and we can have moments of freedom. With time and watchful practice those gaps grow into genuine silence, peacefulness and the joy of being.

This freedom to be is enhanced when we take any activity and become fully present to it. That presence brings the mind completely into the now and we can then enter the consciousness of the watcher. This impartial self is able to compassionately watch our inner workings, be aware, and make the choices that will lead to the stillness where our peaceful well-being resides.

I am writing this last part with my right hand only as I pet him because my little buddy Pax our dog is feeling very upset because he has to be conehead these days to keep him from licking his injured paw. I feel for his confusion as he bumps into things and feels out of sorts. Like us humans, he has found life can be pretty confusing at time. Have a good weekend.