What Do You Think?

Today, I just want to make some comments on what is going on in the news. Let me know what your  perspective is about the following:

Does any smell something awfully fishy about these investment firms that claimed to be in financial problems and now a short time later after our government bails them out they are claiming huge profits and giving huge bonuses? Our government/we gave to these very wealthy corporations millions of dollars, I guess to make sure they could make billions of dollars and make their rich executives richer. Does this make you upset or what?

There is a car dealer in Missouri called Max Motors that is giving AK-47’s to each customer who buys a new American car from them. Ak-47’s are for one thing, to kill a number of people at once. Is this car dealer encouraging the murder of other human beings? Yes would be my answer. I am not a gun advocate and think people who need guns to feel safe are run by fear and the ego-mind.

Walter Cronkite died and I have fond memories of when the news was the news that could be trusted. Mr. Cronkite was a reporter you believed because of his genuine sincerity. There was not made up drama, just the news as he saw it. He seemed to stand for truth in reporting. He lived by higher values that no longer seem to be part of corporate news. I hope he rests in peace.

Tiger Woods didn’t make the cut at the British Open. The people who wrote about this Open before it started all seem to believe Tiger had the best shot to win. He had a terrible last round and if you play golf you know it can happen to anyone. When things go bad in golf, they often just get worse. Golf is a great game but it has a powerful way of crushing an ego when things go wrong. Tiger will come back and lessons in shrinking the ego and non-attachment are always positive for every human being.

How come MSNBC pays Pat Buchanan to give his opinion on their news network? He is very clearly racist and has the same kind of arrogance as Limbaugh, Falwell, Dobson, Savage, O’Reilly, Hannerty, Coulter and the rest of the crew that seem to hate everyone who sees the world differently then they do. It amazes me that anyone actually pays attention to any of these people because they all seem so full of fear and have such limited and negative views of humankind.

Have a good day and keep you mind and heart open because they work so much better that way.