Palin, Lance, Blue Dog Dems, Medications and the Negative Mind

Today I want to share some thoughts about things that seem worth commenting about and a few more ideas about ways to not be run by a negative mind.

First, I have to say something about Sarah Palin resigning as governor of Alaska. You have to wonder how she convinced a whole state to elect her as its CEO. You have to also wonder what John McCain was thinking when he chose her as his running mate. Finally you have to wonder who would vote for her to be one heartbeat from the Presidency of the United States. Frankly Former Governor Palin seems to be a confused person, who lacks awareness, and is run by her ego mind. If she ever had ended up president, she would have made a mockery out of politics and the American people who voted her in, and made President Bush Jr. look like a genius in comparison. Hopefully this is the end of her political future for the good of this nation.

The Tour De France came to an end Sunday and Lance Armstrong ended up third. This result is absolute astonishing for a 37-year-old retired bicycle to come back and do so well. This is an endurance event like not other in sports. His focus, his willingness to suffer, his determination to survive and thrive against incredible odd are an inspiration to all us middle aged athlete plugging away still in hopes of moments of simple glory. In what part of your life are you most like Lance?

Lately the term Blue Dog Democrats is in the news because of their obstruction in bringing about real change in health care. What is a Blue Dog Democrat, isn’t that basically a Republican who ran for office as a Democrat because he/she felt they had a better chance of winning? Frankly in Washington DC there seems to be one Party and that party operates in support of the rich and the status quo. This party should be called the Money Influenced Party. Who is looking out for what is best for the people in this debate?

How come so many famous entertainers end up with drug issues? Is there a problem with the way drugs are used in the U.S.? If you have more money can you buy your way around drug regulations? How come kids are put on behavior medications at such an early age and then people seem surprised that they develop problems with drugs later? Many of the people who end up in treatment began as drug users compliments of the families and doctors. We medicate more people per capita in the U.S. then any other developed nation.

Recently when I had blood work, the nurse I talk to about my results was surprise my low cholesterol and blood pressure was not the product of medication. There seems to be something off about wanting to fix everything with a pill instead of taking good care of others and ourselves? Are you on regular medications and are they necessary?

What’s on your mind today? What impresses, concerns, baffles, or excites you about the world and us inhabitants?

A thought about the workings of the negative mind: there are things to be concerned about and to take action in the form of making changes. Whether it is health care, environment, our money buying the banks toxic assets, Blue Dog politics or whatever gets your passion flowing, the important thing to do is not to spend too much mind time on what isn’t ok. In other words, if you see a need for change, then move into what kinds of action you can support and do? The action step is necessary so that you spend little time in the negative and most of your time in the positive of doing something to bring about a better world.

Talk Radio is awful for obsessing about what is wrong and all it does is make people feel lousy. We all have the right to have opinions about all that is going on but please avoid spending much time in the problem and put your energy instead towards positive solutions.