Five Powerful Ways For Growing Your Positive Self

Lately I have been writing about the dangers of indulging in negativity because it can be so costly to peace of mind and will sabotage having the life you desire. So today I want to write about ways to grow the positive side of who you are. It all begins with awareness. The following are 5 powerful ways to be a more aware and positive person:

1. Be fully in your body. The body is the home of your heart and your emotions. If you open your heart and feel your emotions, you will grow a very positive sense of self and the world. Let your heart be the guiding force and compassion be the way you are in the world. As you wake up each morning fill your heart with light and spread that light wherever you go.

2. Take back control from of your mind. Your mind is now run by past memories, social conditioning, future worries, and your ego. A healthy mind is peaceful, non-judging, receptive, open, aware and fully present. Practices like mindfulness, meditation and other consciousness raising techniques are powerful tools for a positive mind. Enter the stillness of your inner peace each day.

3. Develop a relationship with your Higher Self. There is an infinitely wise part of each of us that is also in full alignment with the Creative Force of the Universe. This Higher Self is also known as Spirit, Soul, Intuition and other names in various wisdom traditions. Silence is a great doorway to your Self. The Higher Self always vibrates positively. Each day do the simple affirmation/mantra, “I Am” with awareness as often as you can.

4. Relax, take it easy, let go, forgive, have fun, and be playful. You cannot develop a positive sense of self or the world if you take yourself and the world too seriously. Lighten up and enjoy the many beautiful and fun aspects of life. Make spreading joy a daily practice.

5. Appreciate all you can each day. Living in gratitude will brighten everything around you. There are only the blessing and lessons of life so there is always a reason to celebrate life in all forms, from all viewpoints, and with the joy of pure appreciation. Keeping a gratitude journal is a powerful way to expand your success in life.

Each of these ways will create a bigger and greater sense of who you are and the endless possibilities awaiting you. Why not go for the fullest expression of who you are and light up the world with all you have to offer?