Happy Independence Day

Just a brief blog today, I hope you have a fun day. After all it is a holiday.

Here is my top 10 list of what would truly be Independence Day for all of us on the planet:

1. Freedom from corporate domination, power to the people
2. Freedom from debt, our nation needs that badly if it is to survive and we need it for peace of mind
3. Freedom from the radical influence of all belief systems and religious extremist both in the United States and in the rest of the world
4. Freedom from the dishonesty of politics run by the influence of money and need for power
5. Freedom from unhealthy driven egos, the cause of all wars and all the ills of the world
6. Freedom from prejudice and the judgments of all who feel superior to others
7. Freedom from the prison society of America, close more prisons and open rehabilitation/treatment centers
8. Freedom from health insurance corporations that only really care about profits
9. Freedom from our own limiting beliefs and the genuine freedom of an open mind and heart
10. Freedom to be who we are, free to live with passion and purpose, free financially to explore our human potential

Have a wonderful day filled with joy, love and peace.