Storms, Sunday, Relaxation and Fun

It’s a quiet Sunday around here after a noisy night of fireworks. We played tourists and drove to Frisco, CO where there was an art show. We got really inspired by the work of several artists. Then we traveled onto Breckenridge and had some dinner and enjoyed a place I had never been to before. Nice way to spend an afternoon here is Colorado.

The rains continue around here almost every afternoon and the wildflowers are everywhere in abundance. Even the fields where the horses usually need to look around for good eats are full of lots of grasses. Green abundance is uncommon this time of year. With all these intense storms, the challenge is to get out and about in the morning before the storms of rain, sometimes hail, often lightening, and winds come pounding down on all those unprepared.  Regularly I see people dressed in shorts and t-shirts ducking for cover as the sunny afternoon or evening suddenly turns to very wet.

I hope you have a good day. I know I will because fun is on our agenda and we will be out there making the best out of what the day presents to us.