Isn’t It Time To Spread The Wealth?

July is off to a bang with the news filled with all kinds of happenings. Yesterday afternoon we went to the usually busy local mall and the place was pretty empty. There were not many customers even though most of the stores had large sales going on. I had a thought while walking out with some good deals in my hands. What if things get really bad and much of commerce comes grinding to a halt? How will people survive if there is little money flowing?  This question is not to cause alarm but to invite us all to consider what we can do.  The government seems bogged down in supporting the status quo, this may be up to you and I.

As I write this I am also aware that there are huge financial resources in this country but most of that money is in the hands of the very wealthy. How will they continue to prosper if people are not working at growing and creating goods? Maybe it is time for the wealthy to quit hoarding money and instead start spending and being generous? It seems that if much of the wealth of this nation is in the hands of 1-5% of the people, then those with resources ought to use their money for the benefit of humanity. The more spent the more the money flows and everyone benefits.

Handouts are not what I am suggesting. The flow of money through spending and supporting organizations that are doing beneficial things in the community will help everyone. Spending money locally will help get the flow of money going. When the flow of money impacts the local community it is much better for everyone.

Even if large systems like the federal government are struggling, local systems can do well and people in these communities can all benefit. That’s why supporting local farmers, business and services keep a community going strong. Giving to community food banks and housing programs help those that are struggling the most. Supporting schools raises the youth’s learning and they become the next generation’s productive citizens. Supporting the local artists keeps them from being starving artists. Supporting local restaurants instead of restaurant chains keeps the money in our towns and cities. The same is true with supporting local banks, sporting goods stores, bookstores, grocery stores, etc.

The more the flow of money is encouraged the more the economy is invigorated. What ideas do you have to get things flowing for the benefit of all of us?

Added Note: the following two websites give added information in support of a public insurance option. We have been taken advantage of by these mega insurance companies for too long: