Are You Listening To What You Know?

Friday has arrived again and it seemed like such a busy week. Last night I was so tired that I almost went to bed instead of sitting here composing my first draft of today’s blog. There is something about taking on a task when I am dragging that gives me a shot of determination. Maybe I am wired this way or maybe it is a learned response to challenging moments?

My suspicion is that this spike in energy is about two things. One is that for years I have pushed myself past the hesitations saying I can’t even let the doubt come up or the questions of whether I want to or not. Instead I make my personal commitments and move forward with an inner focus that keeps me going.

The second is there is something about the creative adventure of writing this blog that always supplies me with what I need to get it done. This getting it done is not an effort, it seems to come easily without struggle. Even if I have no ideas when I sit down, the ideas start to flow as I write as they are doing so right now.

There seems to be a creative, inspirational source within me that kicks into gear when it is needed. That force is well trained because I have called on it many times over the years and almost every day as I write this blog. Yes there are some days the writing is just ok but most come from a place that feels inspired within me. I get excited as I write and see how the sentences appear from the tapping of my fingers on this white Apple keyboard.

These inner resources are in you too. It is not that I am special, it is probably that I am consistent and trusting of what this creative self in me has to say. Maybe you are already fully dialed in to this inner knowing and you completely understand what I am talking about.  If not, that creative source is sitting on mute in you waiting for you to turn on the intuitive station. Right now if you just take a few minutes to listen inward you will hear the quiet whisper of an inner knowing that know no limits. This knowing place in you has been there since you entered your body and will exit as you do from this life. Please take the time to become best friends and it will become your most valued relationship. This place of knowing, this higher self, this source of inspiration and light is in you waiting to be explored and expressed.

Let yourself be guided and have a fun weekend.