Music, Growth and The Workings of The Subconscious Mind

It was a warm Saturday morning but now the clouds have arrived. I am getting ready to go out for my long run and maybe a hat will be needed. I wanted to do a quick post and share a couple of books and thoughts.

I just completed a very interesting and enlightening book about music. It is called The Music Lesson: A Spiritual Search For Growth Through Music by Victor Wooten. According to author/musician Wooten he was an unsuccessful and frustrated musician until this teacher showed up in his life who taught him things about music that permanently changed his perspective and his way of living. Now he is an award winning bass player and his life is so much richer. The ideas of this book have the power to shift the readers knowing to a much higher level. If you are interested in music and personal growth, this book is a must read.

The second book on my radar today is a classic that I just picked up at the new Barnes and Noble store here in Boulder. My wife and I went into the store to check it out. It is huge, inviting and full of interesting books. The book is called, The Power Of The Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy. I have read this in the past and some of his other books and I felt it was time for a new lesson from this great metaphysical teacher of the past. Last night and this morning I read through a number of chapters and it felt good to be back home re-exploring materials that I know make so much sense. I find that rereading a book at another time in life can be a whole new experience.

This book is one every person who is interesting in using his/her mind for healing, happiness, peace of mind and prosperity. It is about the conscious mind as the choice maker and the director and the unconscious mind whose job is to make happen what we focus on. If we focus on healing, improving memory, feeling happy, creating more wealth, finding peace and freedom in our lives, the subconscious mind is what makes it come into reality. We could call the subconscious mind the supply sergeant in the storehouse of Infinite Supply. The subconscious will make happen what it is directed to do and it has everything need to succeed.

Enjoy this day and if you are interested, pick up one or both of these books. They will make things in life seem much more interesting.