Open and Hopeful Minds and Hearts Versus Closed

If this blog has been too political lately, please excuse my focus. Politics is getting so cloudy these days with integrity all but a lost component. My intention is to turn my viewfinder from my passion for politics and social change back toward my passion about inner peace and the spread of consciousness. These passions for social change and consciousness have always seemed totally linked in my mind.

Presently the political system seems mired in resistance to change and the same old viewpoints that are so void of any evolution in thinking. This is not working and that is where consciousness comes in as far as I can tell. I may be just as stuck but my continual searching and question makes me think that isn’t the case. Please let me know if you experience me as close-minded or unwilling to explore faulty beliefs I may have.

We need a major paradigm shift or at least really new models of thinking and feeling. Does it seem to you the world in run by an ever-increasing sense of fear? What is all this fear about? Isn’t it a recycling of the same old set of fears? These fears arise from minds that dislike change, that hate to give up control, that like the power they have now and they are willing to say or do whatever it takes to keep things as they are. This willingness to rationalized their dishonesty, their spread of misinformation, their aggressive behavior is run be their egos.

It is my hope that the last vestiges of the rigid past, those who are unconscious and in fear, get lost in the flood of those who are conscious and hopeful. Is that possible or am I overly hopeful?

These times are about stepping past the past, seeking solutions for the now, and long term planning for the good of all of humanity. This planning has to include educating people to move from the brainwashing and blaming of tired beliefs and systems toward being a conscious human being in touch with our own inner peace and higher knowing.

Inner Peace, hope, compassion, kindness and gratitude are all more powerful human states than fear, blame and distrust. Yes lately fear, blame and distrust are dominating the news headlines as if they are the only voices. How often are the voices of hope, compassion and positive solutions even given a chance to be heard?

I see this all at a titanic battle between the open and hopeful minds and hearts vs. closed and fearful minds and hearts. Human evolution however seems to be on the side that which is most flexible and adaptive.

Maybe this wasn’t a very big shift in my focus today. Well there is always tomorrow.