Truth Is Not Located In Our Thoughts

The truth is that we could all be wrong about what is best for us. Even with our most clarity, this life is a guessing game filled with thoughts, emotions, beliefs and desires. Nothing is simple when there are thoughts, beliefs, self-talk, self-doubt, worries, fears etc. To be human is to feel, to think, to love, to wonder, to question, to hope, to act, to sense, to search and whatever else we find ourselves doing. There seems little or no certainty in anything.

Where can we look for clarity? Is it in the words of religious text, or the words of our leaders, ministers, or corporate executives? Probably not, because these are all human like us, filled with imperfection, faulty beliefs and ego-minds. Even the so-called sacred texts were really just authored by ordinary people at best inspired by a Divine force. The answers are not found in our thoughts because these ideas are merely a jumble of words passing through. Thoughts are just thoughts and really nothing more than that. The heart is closest truth organ in us but it too can become caught up in the passion of the moment. Where do we look instead?

There is a silence within that awaits our listening. This silence is linked to the collective wisdom/consciousness of all of life on the planet. It is also linked to the Creative Force of the universe. Whatever that Force may be is speculated by all religions and by most who realize there must be a greater force than "I". It seems doubtful to a questioning person like myself that religious organization have any corner on the truth. More often they represent ideas that must be questioned and rely on texts that lack any real validity other than a call to have faith. Faith in the silence of oneself makes sense but faith in a mega-organization driven by self-sustainability makes no sense.

The guiding forces of the silence seem to be called different names but they all come to the listener in the moments we are available to listen. These names of intuition, higher self, Self, spirit, gut instinct, Higher Power, Holy Spirit, heart-center, inner guidance or whatever they are called represent a greater knowing beyond our egos, our personalities, our thoughts. Thank goodness this knowing guidance is there waiting to show us the way.

Are you ready to listen