Real Information Worth Knowing

The morning commitments are done. I have walked the dog and finished my hilly bike ride. It feels like nap time but I thought I better sit down to write or the day would pass by and later tonight I would be plucking away at these keys. I love doing this blog but sometimes I have to push myself to sit here and do it.

There is so much going on in the news and I avoid the details of most of it. I am very selective as far as what I want to focus on, what images and thoughts I want flowing through my mind. This seems important to me because my peace of mind is important. I don’t watch movies about war or with lots of violence because they leave me unsettled and full of negative images. I don’t read about the specifics of people’s behaviors, about the details of disease, or negative and blaming editorials because they are not the seeds I want to plant in my mind. This seems like self-care for my mental, emotional and physical health.

As a therapist, I listen to plenty of reality through the stories of horrendous abuse most of my clients have suffered through. Yes I know there are people and circumstance out there that are very disturbing, so when I am not working I am very careful what goes in my mind and through my heart.

There are many opinions out there about many things. I trust my own inner counsel much more then the opinionaters. With the Web, I can always find the information I need to be educated about the issues. I totally avoid Fox News because it full of misinformation and with a clear political slant. The rest of the major networks are full of the corporate slant of sensationalism. They don’t represent the right or the left just the drama they can find to show the viewers, kind of Reality TV News presenting the worst of people. I suggest a total avoidance of all these networks.

If you and I truly want to be informed about the nature and potential of humankind, it is far better to listen to the guidance of our heart and our consciousness. This inner knowing speaks from compassion, awareness and what is hopeful and possible. That is the real information worth knowing.

Enjoy your weekend.