The Way Of the Open Heart

Work is where most of us spend a big part of our week. I am very blessed to work with a wonderful group of people who all have lot of compassion and a passion for helping people. This compassion is a powerful and beautiful thing. There are many of us caring and loving human beings on the planet who reach out to those who struggle in life and lend a helping hand. We are a blessing to those we help. Take a few moments to appreciate your open heart.

Compassion is the opposite of greed, hunger for power, and an ego driven life. These other forces too often drive what happens in the world. The ego-mind is out of touch with the heart and that is why it can rationalize war, profits as god, domination over others and the endless seeking of control. A compassionate person would never be ok with these heartless acts.

The challenge all of us face who care about others is that we have these strong forces who lack heart that want to run the world. We cannot go about trying to battle these force because that would make us just like them. So what can you do?

1. Start each day in touch with the flow of love in your heart and spread it wherever you go.
2. Be awake and aware to your heart’s guidance; live in the consciousness of being fully present in each moment.
3. Take time to quiet yourself and get to know the flow of your heart, the wisdom of your silence, and your Higher Self.
4. Learn to shrink the judging mind and the inner critic and grow the accepting mind and a kind inner dialogue.
5. Wake up your inner healing energy so you can always be at your best when you are helping those who struggle the most.
6. Remember that simple acts of kindness and giving can enrich your day and also those you reach out to in caring ways.
7. Make your way the path of spreading the joy of an open heart; do it with passion and purpose.
8. Giving from your heart and consciousness will melt away even the greatest opposition; kill (maybe a better word here would be “thrill”) them with kindness.

Have an open-hearted week and let you joy and kindness light the way.