Are We Authors Of Our Own Story?

Midweek ended yesterday and now we are heading toward the weekend. You know that already but do you find in comforting that the weekend is near. I do and it got me wondering why? During the week I am involved in meaningful work counseling others and enjoy the company of my co-workers. My work is not stressful although my clients who in early recovery are often very challenging. Sometimes I have too much time on my hands and other times it seems I can't keep up but it all feels ok.

Ok is an interesting word for lack of commitment. I feel positive about what I do yet enjoy my time away from what I do more. Or is that just in my head? Hum? I am uncertain about this question. Maybe I am always dissatisfied with working a job, with someone owning 40 hours of my week? Maybe this work is more stressful than I realize and that is getting too me. Maybe I like my freedom to create my day so the weekend stands out for me. Maybe part of me realizes this is all a drama/dream and I want to rewrite my part?

Do you ever find yourself asking these questions about what you are doing and why? Life is very interesting and sometimes I wonder how much ability we have to change the story? My suspicion is that we have more ability to change our story than we presently realize.

This is why I think we are the authors of our own story:

We have our ability to think, our thinking can problem solve and be proactive; it can blame and complain and feel helpless; it can be negative and feel hopeless; it can be positive and feel hopeful; it can space out and basically ignore the realities of life until they take can't be ignore anymore; it can set an intention, make a plan of action and bring about the change it wants to make happen; it can drown in alcohol or get blurry over drugs and completely checkout; and/or it can become mindful and act from a place of awareness and consciousness.

We have a heart that is both a pump and our contact point with the world and ourselves. This heart of ours when open can spread love, kindness and compassion endlessly without limits. This heart can close down, protect and live in fear. This heart can be courageous, bold and take on a purpose that will alter our lives and sometimes the entire human race. This heart is able to understand the most difficult of situations and the most joyous moments and remain open to keep on going in ways that are inspirational. This heart when turned on self can accept us even at our worst and encourage and support us to realize our best.

We have a body built to last that will accompany us on this journey. This body has an on board in immune system that will keep us well if we just do our part. This body has endless energy, feels a rich array of emotions, can do amazing feats of strength, run fast, sit quietly, express love, push us onward even when we don't have anything left, can sing loudly, can do scary acts, can taste or make delicious food, can hug those in need and so much more.

We have a spirit, higher self, an inner knowing that always knows what is best for us. This spirit is tapped into the collective consciousness and wisdom of all human knowing since the beginning life here on this planet. This higher self is there guiding us even when we ignore what we know is the right way to go. This inner knowing/intuitive is in each moment on standby awaiting for us to listen inward. This spirit wants us to soar in life and will cheerfully serve as an editor to any story we have going or are considering recomposing. This place in us that knows is directly wired into the Source Energy of the Universe and wants to move all resources needed to assist us in creating the life we want.

What do you think about how much you are in charge of your story? Are you rewriting now? What new direction are you thinking about writing into your script next? Is this the real never-ending story? Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas.