August Is For Fun and For Peaceful Action

It is Friday and the month of August is now a week old. This is a wonderful time of year for enjoying life. August is a vacation month for many. In Europe many cities empty out as people head off to enjoy their favorite places for rest and recovery. In America our national politicians go home, our psychiatrist/psychologist take a break from listening and go to conferences and spend time doing their own forms of R&R.

It is the time to do what you have meant to do all summer. If you have a garden, you are enjoying the benefits of the fruits, vegetables and herbs that have arrived. Maybe you even have a family picnic like my wife and I do this weekend. We are bringing some fun stuff to do to make the whole experience more enjoyable. Fun is on the agenda this month for me, is it for you?

In addition to fun, I also feel I must keep active in my promotion for peace both inner and for the world. On my peace agenda are: inner peace through developing the "watcher" in you; national peace by supporting real change in health care; and World peace through compassionate action.

Peace is full time job both internally and worldwide and it can come about by having fun, speaking up, being kind, seeking to understand, supporting positive and constructive action and even by sitting quietly.

There are anti-peace groups out there fighting to disrupt the discourse of democracy by bashing anyone who thinks differently than they do. In this case they are fighting for the rights of the health care industry to make profits even if it costs the majority of the people dearly. These anti-change groups seems more like the work of sheeple doing what they are told, than the workings of rational and compassion human beings. See this link for more information.

To find out more about what others in the world think of universal health care all you have to do is ask people in countries that have it. They all speak to how grateful they are to have this total coverage health care and this brings a real peace of mind to many. I was curious about what people outside the U.S. thought about the battle waging in our country with the health care industry who is spending millions to keep things as they are. Here is an article from a well-researched writer who isn’t caught up in our debate.

Then in my readings to learn more, from elsewhere in the world, I came upon an article about the drug side of the health care industry and I was appalled by what I read. Is there no shame, or sense of self-respect, or compassion, or any higher values in what the drug industry is doing?

Yes it is time we let our representatives know that health care for all is our right not the prerogative of those who only care about profits.

I will write more about other peaceful activities including developing the watcher and taking compassionate action in the days ahead.

Have a good weekend and don’t forget to have lots of fun.