Questions About Why We Humans Do What We Do

Lately as you may have noticed I have been in the questioning mode and therefore I thought I would indulge it since something inside is encouraging this process. Here are a rambling bunch of questions about the state of us humans that are on my mind lately and may be of interest to you:

1. How come so many people have stopped using their critical thinking minds and their compassionate hearts?
2. Why are the mental health programs cut when there are budget problems when these people need help more than anyone?
3. Why do people say they believe in the sanctity of all of life and yet support the US going to war?
4. How come people who call themselves Christians lie and are not charitable to all?
5. Why do politicians not care about being truthful and will say anything to get elected?
6. Why do people hate those who think and believe differently than they do? Is it fear?
7. How come honesty is no longer valued in politics, in religion, in business and in the news?
8. How come people listen to their radios and watch people on TV who spread misinformation and hate?
9. Who really cares about the homeless, the helpless and the disadvantaged other than us who try to help them?
10. How can people see those who suffer and not feel the need to do something to help?
11. Why do many of those who have so much have such judgment and disdain for those who do not?
12. How can people say they love others and yet are unwilling to sit and listen to their suffering with compassion?
13. How come so many corporations only really care about making money and are willing to destroy the planet or the lives of their employees to increase the profit margins?
14. How come every time a program is suggested to help the less fortunate, people shout socialism?
15. How come no one shouts socialism when the banks, auto makers, financial institutions, insurance companies and others got government money to straighten out their messes?
16. How come people become sheeple when ministers, political leaders, corporate executives tell them what to believe, how to think, and what to say?
17. How can universal health care be anything but what is right for all Americans?
18. How come so many lack the courage to stand up for what they believe in and leave it to others to figure it out?
19. How are you taking care of your body, mind, heart and spirit today to make sure you are healthy tomorrow?
20. If a miracle happened and the next day the world was just how you want it to be, what would that world be like?

These are a few of my latest questions about us as humans. What would you add?

Health Care Note: Check out Bill Moyer about healthcare reform and us Democrats being spineless. Send this note to your elected representatives.