Unconditional Love From Family Is A Joy To Receive

Have you heard of Bob’s Red Mill?  I was sitting in their healthy store and restaurant in my hometown of Milwaukie, Oregon for brunch yesterday with my wife and sister and some wonderful unexpected guests.  My cousin Sharon, her husband Jerry and her daughter Vanessa joined us.  Sharon reads my blog regularly and wanted to say hi while I was in town.  I was very touched by that act of loving-kindness.

There is nothing like the unconditional love of family and I realized from this visit to Oregon how much I miss this unquestioned kind of love.  The trip out there for the wedding was wonderful because I got to see my cousin and her family, my dear sister Joan, my brother Jim and his new wife, my brother John and his beautiful little twins, my sister Kathleen and her family, and my Dad and his wife Shirley.  My family reminds me of how open my heart is both for receiving and giving.  This effortless give and take of love is such a wonderful gift.  The visit was an oasis for my heart to recharge.

Thank you Sharon, Jerry and Vanessa, you are all beautiful souls with wonderful hearts.  I was blessed by my encounter with you.  I was also blessed by having some fun time with my sister Joan who struggles at times because she wants more love in her live.  I was blessed by Dad and Shirley who fed us often and treated us so kindly.  I was blessed by my brothers who are amazing people living big in the world and in their hearts.  I was blessed by my sister Kathleen, Ken and their boys who are always glad to share love with us.  Life is good when there is so much love flowing. 

Yes this post is a bit of a love fest.  What could be better than that in a world, which sometimes seems to have forgotten the importance of an open heart and compassion? I hope you have lots of love in your life and you get to experience unconditional love regularly.  We all deserve this kind of love because it refuels us to do what we are here to do.   Have a great rest of the week.

If you have lots of love don’t forget to let those who love you know how much you appreciate them.