New And Improved Thinking

In a previous post I mentioned the idea of Tony Robbins about 1% improvement over 100 days equals 100% improvement.  This is a great idea that makes change realistic.  Probably the most powerful place you and I can make change happen is in our thinking.  I want to share a few areas where improving thoughts will mean improving the quality of life we live.  

Opening The Heart – If you truly want to enhance your life it is as simple as developing self-love.  Every person I have every met or worked with has thoughts that are less than loving toward self.  Addicts particularly dislike themselves therefore the numbing out is their way of coping.  Most of the rest of us learned to feel not ok about ourselves because of our parents low self-esteem, because of our judgmental driven school system, because of religion’s influence of sin, guilt etc., and because of society’s rights and wrongs.  This is not to blame these influences but simply to recognize them as barriers to our well-being.  

Offsetting our conditioning takes consistent work and here is a practice worth exploring.  Let’s use the 1% idea and work on self-love one percent at a time.  Stand in front of mirror and look into your own eyes and tell yourself, “I love who I am in the present moment and each day I love myself more."  Now the 1% improvement – we have about 50,000 thoughts per day, 80-90% are the same as the day before.  So your task if you are willing is to begin to listen in on how you talk to yourself and start to eliminate any critical self-talk, any unkind language directed at yourself.  This means being mindful to your own thoughts and it will take work.  As you catch negative self-talk or thoughts, please replace them with a self-caring statement like, “Even though I am imperfect, I totally love and accept myself.

As you reduce the negative inner dialogue 1% a day by 3.5 months you will have a new and greatly improved sense of self.   Self-love opens you up to having the experiences of life you want in your heart.  Without self-love you are the greatest barrier to what you want.  Having compassion and caring for the unique and wonderful person you have the potential to realize, opens you up in ways that will bring peace of mind and the freedom to be fully who you are.  

Opening To Success and Prosperity – If you are not as successful or prosperous as you desire then you are in the way via your thoughts.  If you completely feel you deserve a wonderful life, with great success, and financial prosperity then you would be living that now.  If you are not where you want to be then it is time for a thought tune-up.  Please avoid any judgments of you being good or bad that is just the working of the ego.  Instead take on the position of simply noting what is working and what is not and then course correct through your thoughts and self-talk.

In my own life, I have been blessed in so many ways and yet the flow of prosperity has been held up by the limits I hold onto deep inside.  I have begun a 1% improvement by playing with the idea of what a wealthy flow of money would feel like in my life.  The feelings include a deep and relaxed sense of relief, real freedom to live and do as I intuitive know, and a great feeling of joy and peace of mind.  

Now let’s talk about a 1% practice you can incorporate.  Each night as you are lie down and began slowing down for sleep, take some quiet time to imagine wealth, success, new opportunities, an abundant flow, or whatever it is that you desire.  Imagine what it would feel like to have what you want.  If it is “success” say words like, “Success is a wonderful experience and I am enjoying it” or “ Each day I open to more and more success.”  Use a phrase that you feel comfortable with, and it is ok to fine tuning this phrase as you go.  

The most important things is that you feel open to what you want and that if you sense any blockage inside, you must go exploring to see how you are getting in your own way.   If your conscious mind is clear and focused on what it wants then the subconscious mind will do as it is directed.  1% improvement daily for opening to the life you want will bring 100% improvement in a very short while.  

Expanding to Greater Health – How has your health been lately?  If there has been problems maybe you mind needs an adjustment.  You have this amazing immune system that will keep you fully healthy unless you get in your own way.  This is not in any way meant to blame your thinking as the cause of your health issues instead it is an invitation to get your thoughts in order to help expand your health.  Unexpressed emotions and negative thoughts possibly compromise the immune system so feel what you feel and think thoughts that are positive and healthy.  When you care for yourself, do what is right for your body, feel what you feel, and have a supportive and healthy inner dialogue your health will naturally improve.

Let’s now look at an improvement strategy of 1% per day.  There are a number of things you can do daily to expand your health including: drinking more water, eating healthier, getting daily exercise, getting enough sleep, thinking happier thoughts and much more.  Choose a path to work on like more exercise and began to find ways to get your mind to support your working out.  Maybe you make a commitment to walk 5 minutes more each day or sign up for a gym and a trainer and together you put together a custom designed program, which you commit to for the next 3 months.  Each day you get more fit and in 100 days your body will feel the difference.  

Let me know how this goes for you and if you have any questions.  In the near future I will write more about how to get our mind in line for creating a more, loving, joyous, prosperous, healthy and peaceful life.  

Two Important Notes:  I will be in Oregon for my brother’s wedding from Thursday until Monday evening the 14th of September.  Most likely there will not be any posts during that time.  

As you may have noticed my wife and I are redesigning this site.  Please be patient as we try to figure out all that needs to happen.  It should be more interesting of a site when we are done and the hope is to have more opportunities for income to support my writing.