New Learning Makes Us Feel More Alive

As fall gets closer I find myself getting ready to get more focused.  I think this innate tendency has been magnified in me because of so many years in school.  There were 22 years of Fall term in my life.  When September comes around I start planning what education I will pursue.   My thoughts about what to learn are still up in the air but I sense I wanted to take on something new something that pushes me out of my comfort zone. 

What comes to mind is a challenge like learning a language maybe Italian, flying a small plane which is scary, explore new fitness strategies that would be fun and different, maybe learn to teach golf or to train dogs, maybe take a singing performance class, travel and explore new places, be creative in new ways, take a math class which I have never been good at, get a video camera and explore doing videos for my blog, take up photography, go on a 10-day silent retreat, do a vision quest and I am sure some other ideas as I open to what comes to mind.

If you were to take on something new this fall to explore an interest or a potential within you, what would you do?  Is there something you have always wanted to do?  Do you find yourself interested in something out of your comfort zone?  What would be both scary and exciting to do?  Would you be willing to take a risk and go for something you know inside you really want to do?  What is holding you back from expressing yourself more fully?

The biggest barriers to going for the life we really want are within.  These barriers can include: fear of failure, the need for approval of others, self-doubt, ignoring the intuitive knowing within, being overly practical, not listening to your heart and old beliefs that keep you stuck in the muck of confusion and little or no confidence.  These are all limiting mind states that can change with new and improved thinking.  I will have more on this in upcoming posts.