In Chaotic Times, Peace Begins Within.

Summer is slipping away and I feel uneasy about that.  Living here is Colorado can be so harsh for us that love to bike, run, play golf and warm evening walks.  Winter and I get along but only because I give in to what is, nature never gives in.  Sometimes I worry about what we are doing to nature however as our available clean water and air are compromised because soulless corporations pollute without conscience. 

In just a few days my wife and I will get on a plane to Portland, OR.  My brother is getting married.  I won’t be blogging from Friday through Monday unless I can squeeze some writing in over theses busy days. 

It will be good to see my family and to touch into their lives that all seem so distant sometimes.  Are we ever really close to anyone?  I feel close to my wife and care about many people but our connections are sometimes so brief.  Yet in this moment I also realize the endless connection we also have all the time on another plane of reality called higher consciousness.  Maybe it is only the ego that remains distant and the higher self is always connected to all?

Two books I am reading seem more impactful the more I read.   Michael Murphy’s Golf In the Kingdom has such a level of depth that I feel it holds its own with any other consciousness raising stories.  If you at all enjoy golf from the inside out you will value this book. 

Alice Walker must be one of the most important writers of our time and this book is a must read for all those interested in progressive change.  The book I am being educated by is, We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For.  These two summer reads are a real boost to the stream of inspiration that is flowing through my life. 

I am rambling a bit tossing in different ideas.  There is so much political stuff that I want to rant about but instead I am restraining myself because it just gets me riled up.  There is much to be stirred up about just trying to buck the status quo.  It is my deep concern that if things don’t change and the force of greed and power continue their control we are all in serious trouble.  Trouble because there are powerful forces that will do anything and everything to keep in control.

It seems the many traditional religious followers and those lacking critical thinking are ponds in waiting to disrupt any real change.  What is needed is unclear because how do you fight off the fear driven passions of those who just want to be mindlessly part of something even if it means checking the rational mind at the door?

How do we who think, who question, who intuit, who have compassion take back the movement that seemed to begin with the election of President Obama.  He is so obviously drowning in the pressures of the elite power base that will not allow change unless we make it happen. 

I am rambling again, there is much going on in my head.  It is time to stop now and cool the jet of my mind trying to make sense out of what makes little sense.  Peace begins inside with a quieting mind and awareness of my emotions.  Have a peaceful and joyous week.