Four Life Lessons To Make Our World A Better Place

Sunday morning and it is very quiet around here.  I am sitting at my computer and listening inward as I write.  There is so much going on in the world and so many thoughts and feelings about these events, situations.  There is something here for us all to learn in the midst of such chaos.  If we learn it we continue to evolve if we don’t maybe we wipe ourselves out and the planet is left to heal itself.   I am unsure but here is what comes to mind, as I think about the lessons available for us to learn.

First - We would benefit greatly from taking care of our own interior landscape.  To do this we must become mindful of our thoughts and feelings and the whispering wisdom of our higher self.  Our thoughts are just a jumble of words we give meaning to therefore they are not real.  Yes most thoughts seem very real but they are only going on in our minds and to watch them is to know most of them are the same ones from the day before.  We think but too often we simply repeat limiting ideas and beliefs and we let these ideas limit us.

Feelings are always generated by our thoughts.  Even though we want to blame others and situations for our emotions, that is inaccurate because our feelings come from our reactive thoughts.  Everything we feel inside is generated from our thinking not from anyone or anything else.  Taking responsibility for our feelings is a healthy thing to do.  Here is a diagram that might be helpful:


We are in constant reaction to the world around us but that reaction is within caused by our thoughts not by what is going on.  This is why thoughts need to be examined.  How we feel is always about how we think.

The intuitive wisdom in us is unlimited and always there to guide us to a higher expression of who we are.  We need to listen in so we can do our part to encourage the positive expansion of our human potential and the potential of all of humanity. 

Second – This expansion potential within us is directly related to our consciousness.  The more conscious we are of ourselves and the world around us, the more we awaken to what is possible in us and encourage that awakening in others.  There is a collective consciousness that expands as we expand.  In other words as each of us becomes more fully awakened so too does the collective consciousness. 

The collective wisdom of the planet is available to all human beings on the planet if they can quiet down and listen inward.  Closed minds and rigid belief systems keep people from listening inward.  Those out of touch with this higher collective knowing are often fearful and angry.

Third – We are all connected at all times with each other.  On this tiny speck called Earth in this massive universe, if we tune in we know that all are our brothers and sisters.  Yes there are many beliefs and ideas that appear to separate us but those are us letting our thoughts get in the way of our connection. 

This awareness of this unity of all living beings on the planet is called Unity Consciousness.  As we learn to open up, we will sense that who we are is part of a fellowship of living beings on this tiny outpost somewhere under the guidance of forces so much greater than us.  These forces shape and hold together the universe and beyond.  It is important that we find our humility and humanity by touching upon our insignificant nature.  That does not mean we do not matter, in fact our higher nature matter greatly as it is aligned with all others.   Together as we realize our highest expression, we will be able to care for each other and our precious gem of a planet.

FourthWe are here to express our hearts, to love, to have compassion, to care for ourselves and others, to be kind, and to be understanding.  There is no greater human expression than love and compassion.  The world is greatly in need of the realization of our compassionate potential.  All the problems we face at this moment in history have compassionate solutions and when we learn to be guided by our hearts then all will work out for the best for everyone. 

Without heart you have fear and profit as the driving forces and we all see the mess we have gotten in from that.  Love is the opposite of fear, it is the expanding state, the open and giving state.  All helpful and healthy solutions come from love and compassion.  To have compassion means to have an open heart and understanding for our fellow humans.  Love is the answer to all our questions.  Love is the solution to all of our problems.  If we tune in and connect with our hearts, everything will work out just great.  

Please contemplate these ideas and let me know which ones resonate with you.