The Voices Of Reason Must Win Out Over The Voices Of Fear And Hate?

Yesterday was my 900th post here at my blog.  YEAH!!!  That is a lot of inspiration that seems to be flowing through my fingers effortless most of the time.  This inspiration is available to everyone if they simply allow it to happen. 

Yesterday I wrote about our inner story as a way to shape the outer experience of our life.  Today I am wondering what the inner story is of those that are afraid of having their children listen to President Obama?  Why are they afraid?  Do their fear loosing control?  Do they fear other ideas then their own?  Do their fear their children having thoughts different than theirs?  Do they actually believe their political viewpoints are in danger of being wiped out?  Do they feel so out of control?  Are they racists?  Are they so run by their anger and judgments that they can’t see straight?  What do you think?

Fear and anger seems to be dominating emotions since Obama became president.  Is it because of his color?  Is it because people hate and don’t even know why?  It seems like the dark side of many people is coming to the surface?  Fear is such a powerful force and anger, hate and blaming is what seems to be showing up.

President Obama did not create the mess we are in, he is trying to get us out of it and there are no clear solutions.  The previous 8 years were great for corporations and the rich as money got more concentrated in fewer hands.  Unregulated commerce and the corporation of America are the cause of many of our problems yet these very angry and fearful people seem to want to blame it all on Obama.  That makes no sense at all.

There is no question we need health insurance reform, how come the vocal few are having so much influence over what will affect us all?  Do we all need to get more vocal?  Have you contacted your elected officials lately and let them know what reasonable people want?  The voices of reason need to win out over the voices of fear and hate. 

The debate is really about our nation moving forward toward greater health not trying to hold on to old thinking and old stuck ways.  This seems to me to be about the expansion of human consciousness and compassion vs. fear and its need to be in control.  What are your thoughts?