What Is You Inner Healing Story?

One of the ways we work with our clients in early recovery is to try to get them to write a healing story of their live free from the drinking and drugging.  As a therapist I often join in and explore the themes they are exploring.  My writing took an unusual turn and I wrote a poem about my future story.  It is my hope that something in these words my have meaning for you on this first Friday of September.

Thank You Inner Story

In the midst of the moment
The mind plants its seeds
Would I yet more than meet my needs

Sea scents, lightness of being
Joy in the flow of the know
Wandering but inner directed

Deep knowing, deep flowing
Mindfully present in the now
Never questioning about the how

Beautiful sunsets end the day
Still night to be explored our way
Divine moments over and over

Eyes that shine brightly
Restful peace fills nightly
Quiet, still, knowing

Everything is going to be all right
Even more as I stretch toward the light
Passionate purpose shines

Slowing down to intersect with the present
Simple pleasures fully enjoyed
Cool breezes, what is awakened

Freshness nurtured by taste
Living fluidly free from waste
Creativity waves keep rising

Friendly meals, talk about big deals
Freedom knocks daily at the door
It seems there is more and more

Giving and receiving in abundance
Makes life feel like a fun dance
Everything new in each day

Generous and often appreciated
Grateful inside and outside
Always in the truth, on the right side

Brilliant inspiration, dazzling insight
Heart in its ever expanding might
Who knows where the potential goes

Extraordinary, exhilaration, expanding
Amazing, healthy and energizing
Power to all the people all the time

One love, all in unity
Everybody has all they need now
Peace, Peace, Peace in the wow

Enjoy your 3 day weekend and I will be back to post soon.