Unexamined Thoughts Can Lead You To A Closed Mind

There is some really faulty thinking going on out there in the world of politics and unfortunately some people actually don’t question what others say.  Here are some statements that seem so obviously not true so they must be questioned or the mind is wasted:

Former VP Cheney thinks he should be honored as hero for his role in Iraq.

GOP Chairman Michael Steele says to a person struggling to get by that this talk about people not being able to afford the health care they need is just for show and to get on TV.

GOP US Representative Michele Bachmann suggests everyone join together to slit their wrists and do whatever it takes to make sure we stop health care reform.

GOP US Representative Lynn Jenkins encourages her audience to hold out for the “next Great White Hope.”

What do all these people have in common?  They all seem confused about some reality that only exists in their ego-minds.

VP Cheney thinks started an unnecessary war makes him a hero.  It sounds more like he is a fool trying to fool us.

Mr. Steele must be in total denial that our system is not meeting the needs of many.  He actually must be swallowing his own misinformation.

Congresswoman Bachmann is suggesting mass suicide to show we don’t need reform when in truth most of what she says supports more money being allocated for mental health issues like hers.

Congresswoman Jenkins is a racist and trying to give hope to other racist for change in this country.  Actually educating people to have compassion and understanding would be more beneficial.

These are all minds that seem to have closed down and now only let in information that supports their viewpoints.  Each totally believes the foolishness of their own thoughts.  They must have forgotten two important keys to mental health: first, thoughts are not real, they are only words we give meaning to, and secondly our thoughts need to be constantly examined.  Without examination and consciousness we are mostly run by the foolishness of old beliefs and ideas and even by the misinformation we spread.

Unexamined thoughts are too often what is running us when we don’t take the time to listen inward or to continue to learn and grow.  There are too many that seem to have given up trying to find out the truth and instead blindly follow those who tell them what to think, believe and feel.

Please take the time to know your own thoughts and to constantly examine what is true or not.  The world will be so much better off when we all do this regularly.