Who Should I Be Grateful To For The Beauty Of All Things?

Yesterday morning I was running along Marshall Mesa and looking at the incredible views of the Flatirons, which are large rock formations that kind of act as a gateway into the Rocky Mountains here in Colorado.  Appreciation for what I was looking at filled me.  This valley in which Boulder resides is exceptional in its beauty. 

What I then thought was who should I be grateful to for this creation?  The term “God” has been so ruined by those who claim to know who God is.   So in my head I have tried a number of different names/titles that would fit for some great creating force that is not a person or any stories we tell ourselves.   In some native traditions Great Creator is the title used and for some New Thought teachers the term Source Energy is used.  In recovery the term is Higher Power.  Those feel better to me than most.  These titles are less tainted by the arrogance of those who claim to know God and act like fools.

How do you related to a greater force in the universe?  Is this force something we should fear?  Is It a punishing force and so many want us to believe?  Does It sit in judgment?  Does It just create and everything evolves from that?  Is there a force that holds everything together?  Are we suppose to pray to this force and why?  Does It answer or if things work out is it our own subconscious mind that manifest results?  There are so many question and those that say they have the answers or claim to know for sure, it seems best to run from them as fast as we can?

Maybe one of the reasons we are here it so figure out what our higher nature is and what is our ultimate source?  Exploring these ideas seems to have meaning and purpose for me, does it for you?  Maybe the divine is within each of us if we open to it?  Maybe the silence of prayer or meditation is about listening to what can be known and what are the mysteries to be explored? 

I hope your day is filled with the light of insight and the joy of the moment.