Imagine An Ideal World In These Times Of Uncertainty

Do things seem stirred up in and around our lives?  Is the chaotic world reflected in our individual lives or our chaotic individual lives reflected in the world?  Maybe most people's lives are just humming along and the news is just about nightly drama?  Or maybe stuff is stirred up everywhere?  What is true for us and those we care aboutI?
My suspicion is that this stirring up is a reflection of shifting times.  Thankfully shifting times are happening because that means change is coming.  Positive change is needed as more and more people struggle because our financial system is broken.  Caring for our health can now break us financially.  Jobs are being lost and what replaces them doesn't cover costs.  People are living beyond their means just trying to get by.  The American dream of prosperity for all has been replaced by wealth for a few and struggle for many. Corporations are dictating policies and even laws that benefit them and individuals are loosing out to the endless pursuit of profit at any cost. 

There is no socialist movement, that claim is by those driven by greed or those that are mindless sheeple.  Government seems out of touch with the needs of the ordinary citizens.  Even a president who promises change is significantly hampered by the status quo.  Opinion has become the new news and sound bits are replacing real thinking and questioning.
How do we cope with such uncertainty?  How do we feel empowered when the forces we want to change feel unmovable?   If those in influence can't see beyond the wants of those who keep them in power, how will real change happen?  It seems there is at least one better option; we the people and our numbers have more influence.  If we get clear what is for the best of the all of us, if we organize, if we commit to action, if we follow through, then change for the better is possible.  We cannot leave it to our elected officials, they are under the clear influence of those who help pay for their re-election.  New campaign finance laws have to rid all money influence if change is going to happen.  We also need people of principle as our elected officials, not people who say and do whatever it takes to be re-elected.  
Let's for a moment imagine a world: that is about prosperity for all; that protects the environment; that puts people as first priority; that honors those who do compassionate action; that allows for all beliefs and knows no color barriers; that provides for the best healthcare for all; that commits to the peaceful settlement of all disagreements; that makes the best education and treatment services available to everyone; that encourages growth, creative expression, and the exploration for the human potential for all; and more.  This is all in our reach if we the people get our priorities straight. 

What is holding you back from stepping more fully into your own power and living according to your highest values?