No More Honoring War And Its Creator, The Ego Mind

Excuse this point of objection if you don’t agree but as a person who supports peace I have to say this:  this support the troops I see on many cars is something I can not do.  Yesterday I saw a sign on a car that said, “honor our soldiers”.  I cannot do that because I do not honor war or their actions in support of that.  Our military is made up of almost all professional soldiers who have this as a career.  They are trained as professional killers.  Their job is to enforce the ego-driven ideas of men in power.  I say men because most women would not put us into the messes we men get ourselves into because of egos.  All wars are about the human ego’s need to be in control.  Soldiers are part of that ego battle, just watch the ego based ads trying to recruit these young men.  Nothing is ever said about being professional hit man for the nation and yet that is their main job.

The idea of support is that they are serving our country in some exceptional way.  In fact it is their job like police, fire, teachers, social workers, public health, water departments, government etc.  How often do people have supportive bumper stickers for all the others who support this nation?  

I honestly see no honor in this work of unnecessary war especially since often these so called high minded duty driven soldiers are the ones who rape and take advantage of women in the countries they are supposedly saving.  Last night on Bill Moyer on PBS there was a story on the insanity of the war in Afghanistan and the ego driven thinking of those trying to figure out how to win this mess and the second story was on the plight of women in many nations especially those in war.

Now the ego driven leader of Iran is threatening with his nuclear plans and President Obama is forced to take a stand, which is only going to create another mess.  This all seems so infantile and unnecessary and again the workings of male ego.  

All wars, all battles of ego can end now if we all take the time to wake up to the insanity of our own ego-minds.  These minds in search of power and control are run by thoughts that need to be questioned.  These power hungry thoughts are simply the working of the ego seeking control and in reality not real.  Not real because they are just thoughts based on fear, on inadequacy, on anger or some other primate emotions that have not had the light of insight or consciousness shown on them.  This is thinking without the heart.  In other words if we took the time to really examine these thoughts we would quickly see the insanity of them and replace the ego mind with the higher wisdom of compassion and consciousness.  

Please question all ego-driven thoughts, all honoring of anything like war, all things said by others who claim to know, all theories that spread fear, all on Fox News, all stated on talk radio, etc.  The point here is that we all have to find our own place of truth, watch our own thoughts, seek to be more mindful and conscious members of this nation and planet.