True Freedom Exists Beyond Our Story

Last night I was watching a DVD called the Flowering of Human Consciousness with Eckhart Tolle sharing his expansive perspective.  I got this DVD through Netflix but I am sure it can be purchase at Amazon.  Eckhart Tolle has to be one for the great teachers of consciousness on the planet.  His insights and awareness are totally amazing. 

On the first part of this 2 Disc series he changed the way I will view myself forever.  His teachings are about being fully present in our lives and to become aware of who we are beyond our thoughts, our ego and our story.  In each moment we are much more than the story in our head.  Almost totally who we think we are is really just the story from the past.  This story is what we, through our ego, tell ourselves about our life experiences. 

Many people don’t feel ok about themselves because they have these stories they learned and now carry with them everywhere they go.  The ego is never satisfied so many of us grow up feeling we are not enough.  Does that sound familiar to you; it sure does to me?  The theme that I am not enough has haunted me most of my life but today I realize that is just my never satisfied ego.  None of our story is who we are.  Our desire to move toward the future is the self seeking to build a greater sense of self.  This seeking to enhance self is the delusion of ego, which is never satisfied.

So far this may seem to be rambling as I am attempting to share something with you that I am just now beginning to understand at a much deeper level of consciousness.  Let me see if I can restate this more clearly.  We are not our story.  Any attempts to build on that story are driven by the ego’s need to be more.  We are a field of awareness and potential in the moment.  That awareness exists underneath the endless chatter of the ego mind and it is free of any story other than the experience of the who we are in the moment. 

I hope these ideas have been helpful this Monday as you start a new week and hopefully see yourself in a more liberating way?  Pick up the writings, CD’s and DVD’s of Eckhart Tolle and you will never view the world in the same way nor will you be run by some story that is not who you are.