What Is More True, Our Story Or The Moment?

"Your life is whatever form this moment takes . . . Not some story you're telling yourself in your head."  Eckhart Tolle
I came upon this quote in the recent newsletter from Eckhart Tolle.  As I have mentioned, he is one of the great teachers of consciousness on the planet. 
Let's explore the idea of this quote because it seems to offer you and I a level of consciousness that would be beneficial. 

Our life is about now, not about what happened yesterday or the anxiety of worrying about tomorrow.  It is so easy to get caught up in the disappointment of what someone did or obsess about what will happen next.  In that process of spinning in our head we let the moments pass by unnoticed.  So much of life is spent in going over stuff or planning for what we think is necessary to feel ok and we miss the now where true peace, love and joy reside. 

Life is not the story in our head, is that really true?  So what we think about an event/situation doesn't make it true.  Are all stories in our mind just made up and actually a distraction from what really is?  How much of the time do we spend in our stories and totally miss where all the action is in the now? 

Think about how we talk to ourselves about how something came about while the moment slips by unnoticed.  Can we actually resurrect the feelings of a past event, no, not separate from the moment.  How come it seems so important to so work everything over in our thoughts and so unimportant to be fully present?

What stories are we running in our head that have zero basis in the reality of the now?  In blaming and complaining about the past, don't we miss out on the possibilities of the present?

It’s Friday and I hope you have an enjoyable weekend and commit to taking the time to be present enough to experience the happiness of the now. 

Peace Letter # 20

Dear President Obama,

Thanks for being a compassionate leader and moving into action for the people of Haiti.  Compassionate action is what conscious, caring and thoughtful leaders do. 

Compassionate action is what is needed in Afghanistan not more war making.  When we feed the needy, teach the young to think, and make sure they have the basic, there is little ground to plant the seeds for future terrorists. 

May your life be filled with the kindness and caring of those who have great respect for your efforts. 

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

Join me and send President Obama emails at: http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact