Our Thoughts Are Not Real But The Peace Of The Now Is

There is so much on my mind lately that I forget that thoughts are just a collection of words I give meaning to and they are not reality.  By this I mean that my thoughts about a client are just my thoughts not necessarily what is real.  I think about what Pat Robertson said, “that the Haitian people are suffering because they have a pact with the devil,” and I think he actually believes his thoughts and that is sad.  I see myself judging him and when I am conscious I recognize my thoughts are just thoughts and instead I turn to compassion.

The escalation of the war in Afghanistan has caused lots of thoughts as you can see by my serious of letters to the President.  These thoughts are neither good nor bad, just thoughts in my head about circumstances that I disagree with and I am working on being more peaceful inside.  Then there is the healthcare battle that also has my head going on about the lack of needed and real change happening, and when conscious, I see the energy those thoughts are just a bunch of judgment I have that creates uncomfortable emotions.  I am getting upset over what is going on in my head and frankly that doesn’t seem like what I want to be experiencing.  Real change begins inside with the expansion of my/our ability to be present in a peaceful and compassionate way. 

Excuse my rambling but there are several points here that may be of value.  First please realize that all your thoughts are just words and they do not represent reality just your interpretation of it.  Reality is only happening in the moment and our thoughts too often get in the way of appreciating what is.

Another important point is that our thoughts create within us an emotional response.  If we think things are lousy, we will feel lousy.  If we think things are great we will experience life with more openness.  Yet, on another level, if we understood our thoughts aren’t real we would free ourselves from much of the reactivity of emotions.  Emotions come from being in our mind away from the present moment.  If we wander in our thinking off to the unfinished business of the past or wishing for a different future we create emotions of discontent.  If we free our minds enough to be present then what arises is the happiness and peace of the now.

Yes I know the mind just keeps on like a tree full of yakking crows but in those moments of awareness, of insight, of being fully present in the now, there is “being” that is totally free.  This state of being is who you and I are beyond our thoughts and our emotional reactions.  In this state beyond noisy mind is the knowing of our higher nature, our spirit, our unity with the creative source of the universe. 

Enjoy your weekend.  Enjoying the weekend is best accomplished by taking a few minutes here and there to step past the busy mind.  Remember we are spiritual beings having a human experience, not the other way around. 

Today is my sister's birthday; Happy Birthday Joan out there on the Crooked River Ranch in Oregon.  Much love to you and love to my cousin Sharon and the rest who is having dinner with her tonight. 


Letter For Peace #21

Dear President Obama,

I hope you had a chance to watch Bill Moyer last night if not please catch the part with Greg Mortenson about what he has learned in Afghanistan.  His quiet mission there of education is making a real difference.  He said he learned how to help by listening to the people.  Have you and your able team sat down and heard the needs of the people there?

I understand that you are surrounded by experts but they may not know how to listen to what is really needed.  If you listen carefully you will hear what you want for your own daughters.  You want them to have a good education and live a full life.  War does not allow that to happen to those who get in the way of war machine.  Peace comes through listening with an open heart and finding the common ground of the basic needs and hopes we all share.

Peace and hope to you,

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.


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