2010 Is Upon Us, Here Are Three Super Effective and Simple Ways To Succeed

This year is a blank slate awaiting your inscription.  Are you ready to create an inspirational story for yourself and those you love and work with?  You can set goals, make commitments and think optimistically about 2010 and that would be what most do.  Let me propose a different idea about how to maximize your experience of this upcoming year.  

The idea is that there is no extensive planning, no list of resolutions, no figuring out the best way your ego-mind can be effective.  Instead you keep this year simple in the following three ways:

1.    You first and foremost focus on building a relationship with your Higher Self.  This powerful guiding force within you has the capacity to create whatever you get clear about making happen.  In other words if you can step past the ego-mind’s desire to control and instead hear the greater wisdom inside, you can shape your experience of life profoundly.  Going beyond the ego’s need to be right and look good, you will find a much more receptive, creative and compelling force for manifesting the life you want.  
2.    Learn to be as fully present as possible at all times.  If you linger the past or live for the future you will miss out on all that is going on in the moment.  The moment is where everything happens.  Being present means being open to the intuitive wisdom of the heart, gut and spirit.  When in the now, that is where the action is possible to transform your life and not be run by the disappointing past or the worrisome future.  You can always find the present by tuning in to your breath and watching the cycle of inhale and exhale.  As you breathe with awareness you become totally in the moment.  There is love, joy and peace only in the moment.
3.    Take full responsibility for your life.  See you as the creator of your experience.  Give up blaming and complaining and instead look in the mirror and see and sense the inner genius, the inspired light in you waiting to be realized.  There is a great feeling of confidence when you acknowledge your capacity to shape your life.  No one has the power to make you think or feel anything if you step into your higher nature.  This freedom to shape your own experience moment-by-moment is liberating.  You have been given all you need to succeed, all you have to do is step forward and be in charge of our own life.

Let these ideas percolate and soon they will become who you are and the world will change for the better for us all.  

The light in me is speaking to the light in you, let us be bright for the good of all.

Letter #11 to President Obama in protest of the Afghan War expansion  

Dear President Obama,  

In my work as a mental health professional especially when working with addicts, I find most of them have had significant trauma as children and that deeply shaped their dysfunction as adults.  All significant trauma leaves the recipients at a great disadvantage in the world.

War produces such trauma on the individuals, the communities and the countries involved that for generations after the ill affects are still felt.  Please work on disengaging from the war aspects of Afghanistan and Iraq immediately for the good of all involved.

Bring peace in 2010,

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

You can join me in my efforts for peace by sending President Obama an email at: http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact