Stretching Our Boundaries For The Best 2010

Its back to work in 2010 and we have an entire year to make what we want to happen.  The challenge is to go for our highest and best version of who we are in pursuit of life that is purposeful and inspirational.  Where do we start?  What will be our focus?  What are our hopes?  How can we most fully realize our potential?  How will we make a difference in the world?

Questions seem to be the way to start.  How do we serve up an even better performance in 2010 of our unique skill set and our endless creative and intuitive genius?  Waiting within us are vast inner resources still untapped.  What will it take to push us beyond the mental barriers of past limits, lack of confidence, a sense of not being enough, learned helplessness, and other B.S. of the mind?

Thinking beyond the treadmill of our repetitive thoughts will take: a willing patience, more awareness, less ego, higher consciousness, being fully present, and a willingness to jump off the track of worn-out habits and the deep groove of the familiar.  Are we up to the task?  Well we got 361 days to see what we can make happen; let’s get started.

As individuals we will have to set our own course.  Below are several recent blog posts leading up to this one.  On both a personal level and a global level the times are ripe for an upset of the status quo.

Now the next step is to slow down, find the stillness within and do not start doing until we are clearly guided.  There will be less trying and more being in readiness for right action.  See the three guiding principles immediately below and waste no time muddling in old ways.  There are new trails to be discovered and seeing life as an experiment and adventure will lend to the joy of each day.

Choose one thing you want to make happen that matters most to you, not anyone else.  What will success look and feeling like?  How will you discipline your mind to be an ally?  How will you engage your heart in passionate pursuit of what matters?  

Simply know that greatness comes to those who push beyond the normal limits and step fully into the light of their unique expression and live it fully each day.  

That is my January pep talk, now let’s give it a go.  

Please join in on my protest of expanding the war in Afghanistan

Letter #12 Encouraging Peace

Dear President Obama,  

Your garden has been an inspiration for a Super Chef cook off.  I so appreciate the symbolism of the garden and eating locally as if it matters globally.  It does and your wisdom of that impact enriches our nation.

Might I suggest a peace garden be planted too so that all of us can benefit from the stillness of a quiet mind, that joy of an open heart, and the inspiration of seeing the beauty beyond of our own nature reflected in our creations.  

Please consider a move to peace in Afghanistan instead of war, so we might all see our higher natures have opportunity to be a force for good in the world.

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

You can send President Obama an email at: