We Must Be The Change In Our Political Process In 2010

This will be my political rant for the week because I have to get some things off my mind.  The politics of 2010 offer the opportunity to bring about change.  The political types will be doing what they can to keep themselves in power even if it means selling themselves to whomever feeds their campaigns with funds.  That is the nature of politics on a national level.  This needs to change for the survival of our democracy and election reform is a must.  The need for power is driven by the ego-mind.  

There will also be much bashing of those who think differently then those on the right.  We liberals will be bashed nonstop by the right wing media.  Is there even close to the equivalent of talking heads on the left as there is on the right.  The answer is not even close.  This bashing is a product of the ego-mind in search of control.

The airways are filled with liberal bashers across the country.  Those with the most financial resources mistakenly support the Liberal bashing as the only way to save their wealth.  Why are they so set and bashing people who think differently?  The only thing I can figure is they must be afraid of something.  That fear is about not being in power and a government that will hold their corporations accountable.

There is a feeling that those on the Right will do whatever it takes to bash the Left even if it means going against what is best for the country.  This single-minded determination is the work of the ego mind which wants control more than what is for the good of all.  

The other day I came upon this very interesting article on the web that I wanted to share with you.  Both George Bush and Ronald Reagan both claimed to be financially conservative yet they ran up huge debt that significantly hurt our nation economic future.  Right now the President is caught up in the huge mess he was given.  The ego driven ways of power can be overwhelming.

Now I understand that the Republicans speak conservatively about the budget but run up the debt to handicap the government so they can reduce our safety net and make sure there is no money for a Democratic Presidency.  This is totally planned and heartless and again all about power.  Our nation is in a mess so they can blame and complain about government, which they have messed up.   Here the workings of the ego-mind is obvious again.  

Now to lighten things up from the Liberal point of view is this video that offers a creative and non ego solution to all of our problems.  Can’t we just get along?

Afghan War Protest Letter #13

Dear President Obama,

Are you ready to make a hugely positive difference in 2010?  We all know you are capable of amazing things with the help of all of us.  We want you to succeed.

One of the places you can recover the billions of dollars of real waste is to put an end to our involvement in war.  War does not make us stronger but in fact weakens us greatly.  With all that money going to the war machine, funding for education, important social programs, innovation, new sources of alternative energy, real healthcare reform, loose out to the killing machine.  

Please change your mind before we loose any more of our future.

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

You can send President Obama an email at: http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact