What Happened To Compassion In The Modern Political Arena?

The program I work for is experiencing some financial problems and the treatment side is closing down until mid May.  That is where I run my groups, teach mindfulness, and provide counseling for those early in recovery.  The situation of this state and the nation is that those in most need to survive and get healthy are the first ones cut from service.  Colorado is 50th of the 50 states in Addiction and Mental Health Services.  The homeless, the addicts and those with serious mental health issues are a very low priority in Colorado and nationally.  This population does not have the resources to advocate for themselves.  What happened to compassion in the modern political arena?
The money in this country is focused on war, on saving financial institutions and making sure the healthcare industry is assured of a healthy profit margin.  Actually the focus is more on making sure the stockholders of the war machine, the financial corporations, and the insurance/medical/hospital industry all keep their vast sums of money.  
Let me be clear here that money is not the problem.  It is those who acquire money at almost any cost and who use their money to buy influence in Washington D.C. that should be the concern of every thinking citizen that can see through the sea of misinformation.  As it stands now: the war will continue because it is a profit center; real reform in healthcare is doomed because of all the influence money spent on our elected officials; and Wall Street is protected against failure because the influential want it protected.  
Sorry if this sounds lacking in optimism.  Real change is possible only if we look into each other eyes, find our hearts and become conscious of how much we all want the same thing.  What we in this nation want is simple, we want a good life, a better future for all those we love, and the freedom we are all guaranteed by our constitution.  We have to put aside our petty differences, drop the dogmatic righteousness, silence the ego's need to control, and instead look to see what matters most.  
The fear mongers will argue that war is essential, that saving Wall Street matters more than saving the people, and that healthcare run by the government will be a mess.  The truth is that war is insanity for all those involved and no amount of rationalizing will change that.  Wall Street is basically owned by about 5-10% of the population and the rest of us will be just fine if it has less influence.  Frankly the way the insurance companies and the hospital/medical corporations run healthcare, I would prefer a fair mind government over a profit driven heartless industry.
Where would you stand if you saw this through the eyes of those without?  Would you stand in judgment over the less fortunate or would you have compassion for those in need?  The top 5-10% income levels have little or no understanding of going without.  The other 90% may have experienced the struggles of life or know someone they care about who has.  This is where compassion comes from; it comes when the heart is opened to the suffering of others.   There is little or no compassion in Congress because being in power and getting re-elected can silence the cries of the heart.   

It is your voice that need to be heard, your heart that need to be open, your mind that need to seek understanding.  Are you up for the challenge?

Peace Letter #30

Dear President Obama,

There is so much to do and so many forces in the way of real change.  Habit, limited vision, and too many lobbyists blind the viewpoints of those inside D.C.  Congress has all that influence money guiding them.  Rationalizing egos runs the military.  You can rise above that and do your best by representing the people who elected you.  

First simplify everything by removing the focus on war.  Next reel in the corporations who only serve the gods of profit.  Finally call the people together with a cause and get them the correct information and we will be much better off.   

Peace first,

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

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